Teachers' Remembered

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I don't recall much of the material we studied in High School an eon ago when I was at that point of my life but I do remember some of my teachers. I can still see Mr. Blanchard trying to teach me the intricacies of Algebra, long after the last bell had rung for the day.

We would be at the blackboard just he and I. He would valiantly try to explain some theorem (as animated as if there were a classroom full of people) while I scratched my head in puzzled concentration straining to understand. I've forgotten the things that he said during these sessions but the memory of his effort to help me remains clear and precious to this day.

With the start of the new school year this little scenario will be repeated over and over again between students who need help and the teachers who will become an indelible image in their minds because of their willingness to assist. I pray that teachers will keep their eye fixed on the truly important aspect of their jobs – impacting their students with their knowledge, their experience and their considerate attitude.

I also pray that students, young and old, will realize how blessed they are to have teachers dedicated to making their lives richer and more profitable through education. I never did learn about algebra from Mr. Blanchard but his lessons on caring will always be with me.