He Could've Been a Role Model

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Tommy Morrison, the heavyweight boxer from Oklahoma, has tested positive for the H.I.V. virus. He faced the media with this announcement recently and finished his news conference with the words, "I could have been a role model but I blew my chance."

Deep regret from a man who learned too late about what life "could" have been about. Tommy Morrison fought champions, appeared in movies and was on the come-back trail in Las Vegas when he was stunned with the news of his condition.

His manager says that with his career over, Mr. Morrison will devote his time to Aids awareness and prevention. Now that he is infected, he will serve as a victim model rather than a victor model.

There is need for both in this world. We need people to tell us not to do what they did – that being a victor model is more effective and satisfying than being a victim model. He's accepted his consequences with grace and I wish him well, but I hope that his lesson won't be lost on those of us who are called upon by God to model what Christ does for us rather than what sin has done to us. Let's not blow our chance to be role models whenever we have it.