6. 8 Universal Principles for Natural Church Growth
  Prime   55m Class
1. Church Growth Questionnaire/Discussion Groups
  Prime   12m Class
1. Introduction to Leadership Roles
  Prime   32m Class
4. The 5 Biblical Ministries
  Prime   42m Class
3. A Biblical Plan for Growth
  Prime   43m Class
5. Implementing the New Testament Plan for Growth
  Prime   42m Class
14. The Ministry of Peter
  Prime   48m Class
9. A Call to Live in Freedom
  Prime   36m Class
14. The Glory of the Church of Christ
  Prime   39m Class
12. Be Ready
  Prime   40m Class
2. The Character of Greatness - Part 1
  Prime   35m Class
3. A Practical Plan for Generous Giving
  Prime   35m Class
11. The Role of the Preacher
  Prime   37m Class
2. Remembering Who We Are
  Prime   55m Class
4. Principles of the Plate
  Prime   29m Class
9. Error and Consequence
  Prime   35m Class