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52. Dealing with Pain at Christmas
Christian is a Christian
Four Questions to Ask Before Baptizing a Child
I recently baptized our eldest grandson, Christian. He is nine years old and because of his age I had some hesitation before going ahead with his baptism.
A Brief History of the Church of Christ in Quebec
This article goes through the History of the church in Quebec from the first Church of Christ planted in Montreal all the way to 2016.
24. Raising Christian Kids
It seems that older people are the ones who are interested in religion and younger ones have little time for spiritual things.
12. Bringing Your Friend to Christ
I have noticed something about our teens lately that is quite encouraging: they are not ashamed of us.
Christian Style Christmas
At one time or another I've tried and taught most of the ideas that Christians think about Christmas and its celebration; denouncing it, ignoring it or simply accepting its inevitability.
Christ Lovers
Christian Worship in 150 AD
Justin Martyr was a Samarian Christian who lived in the second century. He was a Platonist philosopher who was converted to Christianity and became a strong defender of the faith. In one of his works, "Apology of the Christian Religion", written in around 150AD, he describes a typical Christian worship service of that day.
A Christian Father's Vision
Top Ten Reasons Why Christianity is #1
#10. Don't need special clothing or haircut to be a member. #9. No killing of others necessary....
Media and Christianity
Brown Bag Christmas
Christian Lite or Light?
Matthew 5:14-16
Why the Church of Christ
How to Correct Sinful Christians
Why Does the Church of Christ Sing?
This lesson will review the biblical foundation and historical record that establish vocal singing as the Spirit ordained manner of musical praise in public worship.