Day #18

How can we know for certain that Christ was truly resurrected?
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Another book draws to a close today, the Gospel of Luke. Please read the last three chapters.


How can we know for certain that Christ was truly resurrected? From the historical account, what other option is there? Below are six theories used in an attempt to explain away the resurrection.

  1. Jesus was not completely dead. They only thought He was, but He revived by Sunday morning.
  2. Jesus was never resurrected. The disciples stole the body and made up the story of His resurrection.
  3. The guards stole the body.
  4. Crushed with grief, the women went to the wrong tomb. Finding it empty they assumed Christ was raised.
  5. Nobody really saw the resurrected Messiah. They wanted Him to come back so badly they only thought they saw Him.
  6. The reason the tomb was empty is because man-eating insects came and ate the body.

In your notes, address the problems with each of these theories. (In addition to what you have read so far in Matthew, Mark and Luke you may want to read John 19:28-37; John 20:24-31, Acts 1:1-4 and I Corinthians 15:1-6). This exercise is to get you in the habit of using scripture to respond to those who opposes the message of the gospel. Become familiar with the biblical account so you can clearly see what is contrary to God's Word.

Jesus Christ was resurrected on the third day as the scriptures teach. In your prayer time be sure and thank God for Jesus and the power of His resurrection.