Recipe for a Successful Career

Part 2 of a 3 part series looking at the ingredients for success in the family as well as the pursuit of satisfying and rewarding careers.
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We are talking about Mazzalongo's recipes for success. Yesterday I gave you the success recipe for family because it is the priority in our everyday lives. If our families do not succeed, it affects every other area of our lives.

Today I want to give you the ingredients for a successful career. I call the recipe "Personal Pan Pizzaz".

1. Career

Did you know that the original meaning of the work "career" has nothing to do with work? According to Webster's dictionary, the word means "…swift movement, impetus". It is the movement of our work, the overall direction that is called a "career."

Now the most used word to describe career is "successful". No one wants to fail; no one aims at having a "mediocre" career! Average!! No matter what the career is, everyone wants to succeed at it. This is where my Personal Pan Pizzaz comes in: a recipe for success regardless of your career type.

2. Personal Pan Pizzaz

In order to create one of these, there are three steps:

Step #1 - Spread yourself out

Just like pizza needs to first have a pie crust well spread out to begin, we also need to spread our lives out with different experiences in order to be ready to begin a successful career. Try things, experiment, travel, get training, improve your education, learn new things. Very few people know what they want to do by the time they are 20 or even 30.

I was 32 when I went into ministry. 10 more years before I was sure.

You do not know what you want to do unless you find out what you do not want to do, and you have to spread yourself out in order to find out.

Step #2 - Add the best toppings

Would you like a fish head, rat's tail combo pizza? Spam pizza? The best pizza has the best and freshest ingredients.

In my personal pan pizzaz I add only the best toppings… things like integrity, generosity, hard work, sacrifice, service, humility, quality workmanship, loyalty, wisdom. These toppings cost a lot more to add but in the end they make the difference between just having a job or having a successful career.

Step #3. Bake in the furnace of faith until ready

A truly successful career is one that acknowledges that we serve God with our careers, not just ourselves. When we put our work in His hands for direction, for help, for success, we are lining up our efforts with His will and guarantee that our work, whatever it is, will please Him… and that is true success.


Each of you have different skills and a different calling in life. You will succeed if you follow the steps:

  1. Get out there and try;
  2. Give the best of yourself;
  3. Trust God to provide in all things, even your career.
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