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Successful Parenting
30. The Rod of Discipline
Solomon, in Proverbs 13:24, emphasizes that discipline, akin to a shepherd's rod, is an essential expression of love necessary for a child's growth, as it teaches them accountability and obedience, ultimately preventing a life without direction and self-discipline.
Evangelizing Homosexuals
We need to evangelize this growing number of people but are usually hard-pressed to know where to begin. This lesson provides some information towards this end.
1. Characteristics of Adult Learners
Adults are more attuned to comfortable surroundings, more sensitive and reactive to discomfort. Teachers must do what they can to compensate for these differences as best they can.
2. How to Motivate Adults to Learn
We do not "motivate" learners. Motivation is an internal element unique to the individual. What motivates one person is not the same as what motivates another.
3. Designing Greatness into our Teaching Programs
God requires two things from us as teachers: our best effort and faithfulness. He does not demand perfection but at the same time, he does not accept mediocrity.
5. 3 Basic Steps of Teaching
Teaching involves a basic three-step process: preparation, delivery, and evaluation.
8. Guidelines for Skill-Building Classes
The following guidelines use a method of skill-building referred to as the "Whole-Part-Whole" method.
How to Use BibleTalk.tv in Your Congregation
With the Help of our God
When we, as Christians, succeed in God's service it discourages evil ones, unbelievers, and scoffers.
How to Manage Your Donations
Daniel 11 – Outline of Kings
Daniel 11 predicts events that will take place between the rise and fall of the Greek and Roman Empires.