Christ Lovers

Devo by:

You can always spot them, the Christ lovers. I think it has something to do with gravity. If left alone, those who love the Lord will continually move towards Him and those things that concern Him.

A good example of this spiritual pull took place during my recent trip to Canada. I had just taken my seat next to a young couple when the usual "plane-talk" began "where are you from?", "where are you going?", etc.

It took only a few minutes for these people to move steadily toward the subject of their belief in Jesus Christ. Before the aircraft was at cruising altitude, they had already shared their faith and were happily inquiring about my own.

Christ lovers tend to gravitate towards others who are moved by the same power. This phenomenon reoccurred when shopping for a used car one day. After several visits to different dealers, my wife and I entered a local used car lot. There was nothing particularly outstanding about it other than the fact that on the counter in the sales office were copies of the New Testament. The salesman saw me looking at one and quickly offered the pocket edition as a gift. Moving cars was his business but not the direction he personally was moving in. He was a Christ lover and his occupation couldn't change this fact.

Like a compass is drawn to true north regardless of the position you hold it, a Christ lover is compelled to point to Jesus regardless of his position or pursuit in life.

I wonder if people who come into contact with us in the normal course of everyday life can easily spot us as lovers of Jesus. I wonder if those who have lost their way can use us to point unfailingly in the right direction that leads to the Lord. I wonder if the world, in its worst moment, could convict us of being Christ lovers.