Day #27

There are certain spiritual habits that mark healthy disciples of Christ.
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Let's pause for a moment and talk about what we are trying to accomplish here. There are certain spiritual habits that mark healthy disciples of Christ. The goal of My First Fifty-Two Days is to help you develop these good habits gradually. By Day Fifty-two the goal is to have you in the daily habit of Bible study and prayer, attending church consistently, giving cheerfully and sharing your faith as a way of life. But ultimately the chief aim is to get you to fall head-over-heals in love with God. If you accomplish that, the rest will take care of itself. Day Twenty-seven marks the beginning of the second half of this journey through the New Testament. The wall is looking good.


For Day Twenty-seven you will be reading Acts 13-16. Two great men of God have a dispute with one another in chapter fifteen. (Even among good brothers this sometimes happens.) See if you can learn how to settle disputes by studying the example of Paul and Barnabas.


Barnabas' real name was Joseph (Acts 4:36). He got the name Barnabas as more of a nickname. It means the "Son of Encouragement." That was the reputation he earned. He was always encouraging someone, always believing in people even when no one else would. How would you like to have a reputation like that? You may have a reputation you're not proud of. It takes some doing, but you can change your reputation. In your notes write down what you would like to be known for. If it is encouraging, then start today by encouraging others. It takes time to build a reputation, but who knows. One day you might be known as…