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Sun. Oct 17th
Atonement Theories
In this lesson Mike discusses the various ideas down through history that various teachers have had concerning the meaning of atonement as well as the one vital work of the Holy Spirit in the plan of salvation.
Fri. Oct 15th
In this final session Mike will review the purpose and reward of spiritual disciplines and add the tenth and most critical of these.
Sun. Oct 10th
The Function of the Holy Spirit
This lesson demonstrates the role played by the Holy Spirit in executing God the Father's #1 goal in sending Jesus to die on the cross for the sins of all humanity.
Fri. Oct 8th
This session is about sacrifice a discipline that most aligns us with Christ and His life.
Mon. Oct 4th
Lessons from the Valley
It has been eighteen months since my first serious bout of dizziness and nausea.
Fri. Oct 1st
Mike talks about the relationship between the Holy Spirit's influence and the discipline of self-control.
Sun. Sep 26th
Godward and Manward Manifestation
In this lesson Mike will explain the various ways that the Godhead is manifested.
Fri. Sep 24th
The complex discipline of humility is examined by reviewing common attitudes, the battle experienced and everyday habits that are connected to this quality.
Sun. Sep 19th
The Holy Spirit is God
This lesson will focus on the various Scriptures that define the particulars of God's complex character and demonstrate the unique presence of the Holy Spirit in the Godhead.
Fri. Sep 17th
In this session Mike corrects some of the misconceptions many people have about prayer.
Sun. Sep 12th
The Spirit and the Cross

The twin goals of this series are to first explain the history and evidence of the triune nature of God in the Bible, and carefully trace the specific role of the Holy Spirit in the plan of salvation as this is revealed in both the Old and New Testament.

Sun. Sep 12th
Our Concept of God
In this lesson Mike examines the early passages of Genesis that clearly reveal initial evidence of God's nature or what is often referred to as the Trinity.
Fri. Sep 10th
This session takes a look at one of the most difficult of the 10 disciplines on the way to spiritual maturity.
Sun. Sep 5th
The Gold in the Golden Years
Mike reviews Psalm 71 and describes three golden blessings that only God can provide when we are old.
Fri. Sep 3rd
Stillness and Solitude
Mike discusses two important features of spiritual maturity and how each supports the other.
Wed. Sep 1st
Bible Bytes

Bible Bytes are short animated articles that comment on every day events, feelings and questions from a uniquely Christian perspective.

Wed. Sep 1st
Back to School
With the big day soon upon us, I offer a few reminders to parents and kids to help get us started on the right foot.
Fri. Aug 27th
Decluttering our Lives
In this session Mike will explain the condition that permits intimacy to take place - simplicity.
Fri. Aug 20th
Drawing Closer
In this session, Mike reviews the 4 stages of complete spiritual transformation as well as the second step we need to take towards spiritual maturity.
Wed. Aug 18th
Becoming a disciple of Jesus is a choice. If we choose wisely then we enter a relationship with God. If we choose poorly, we reject God and suffer the consequences of lost hope. In this lesson we explain how we wisely use the gift of choice to learn more about God, trust God, and obey God. The lesson demonstrates choosing faith by showing how Peter gained, weakened, and regained his faith and how Judas Iscariot chose to misdirect and lose faith.
Sun. Aug 15th
Being Rich in a World of Poverty
Mike shares some observations as a rich person who has been exposed to and visited areas of extreme poverty and despair in this world.
Fri. Aug 13th
10 Steps to the New Spiritual You

This small group series is devoted to mature Christians who want to take their Christian experience to another level of spirituality.

Fri. Aug 13th
The Foundation
This introductory lesson and discussion questions will lay out the path taken by the group for this spiritual journey.
Wed. Aug 11th
Matthias and Paul
As the gospels end and the church begins, we see Matthias appointed to replace Judas and later Paul appointed to continue to carry the gospel into all the world. This lesson looks at these two later appointed apostles and the lessons we learn from them.
Bible Class
Wed. Aug 11th
What should we do about COVID?
Here is Mike's response to believers about the current pandemic.
Wed. Aug 4th
Judas Iscariot
This lesson looks not at a wasted life, but at a life wasted. The difference is choices made. How sad it will be on judgment day when we are presented with the many opportunities to serve our Lord. Such is the case with the tragic figure Judas Iscariot. He was with our Lord physically but not spiritually and never grew in his faith.
Wed. Jul 28th
James the Less, Simon the Zealot, and Judas Not Iscariot
Known only by their names yet known to God for their faithful and selfless service. These three untold heroes teach us that our role is to put the Master first.
Wed. Jul 21st
Matthew and Thomas
All of us have questions, doubts, and fears. These two apostles showed their faith in Jesus over things of the world and things that cause us to fear and doubt. They learned to turn their lives, without hesitation, to the one who gives life.
Sun. Jul 18th
What You Should 'Get' Out of Church
In this lesson Mike examines what type of rewards we should be receiving from the practice of public worship.
Wed. Jul 14th
Philip and Nathanael
Two men whose first instinct was to bring others to Jesus. Sometimes they got it wrong but, in the end, they recognized who Jesus was and followed Him into eternity.
Wed. Jul 7th
James and John
This amazing pair of self-centered and self-serving brothers became faithful and self-less servants of Jesus. Along the way they had much to overcome, beginning with themselves. The result was complete loyalty and service to the master.
Wed. Jun 30th
This apostle, the first follower of Jesus, shows us the value of taking the gospel to those close to us. He, like his famous brother, Peter, grew to become fishers of men.
Wed. Jun 23rd
Perhaps the best known of the apostles, this giant of the faith went from putting his foot in his mouth to opening the way to Jesus for all humanity.
Sun. Jun 20th
Father Knows Best
Mike looks at an old TV show that reflected a world where life was good because fathers in general knew what was best for their families.
Wed. Jun 16th
Introduction to the Apostles
In this lesson, we will gain insight into the difference between a disciple and apostle. We will look at how Jesus prepared Himself to call the 12 and what they had to overcome as they grew in their faith.
Wed. Jun 16th
Twelve Were Chosen

This study reviews what we know from Scripture of the men known as the Apostles. The intent of this study is to look briefly at the lives of these men to learn from them how to strengthen our walk of faith.

Wed. Jun 9th
Prejudice and the Bible
In this last lesson, Mike demonstrates that if we followed what the Bible teaches there would be no prejudice of any kind.
Sun. Jun 6th
Still Sinful, Still Saved
In Romans chapters 6-7 Paul explains the apparent paradox that Christians who still struggle with sin are nevertheless saved.
Wed. Jun 2nd
Genetic Engineering: Playing God
In this second part on the subject of genetics, Mike explains the process of cloning and the moral issues stemming from this practice.
Bible Class
Thu. May 27th
What is the Textual Authority for Internal Biblical Inspiration?
Where does is it state in the Bible that the Bible itself is the only source of authority and who established the Bible's canon?
Wed. May 26th
Genetic Engineering: Playing God
In this first of a two-part lesson, Mike examines the first two practices in this scientific field, genetic modification and human engineering. He will also refer to Bible principles that should guide these practices.
Sun. May 23rd
Graduating with Honor
On Graduation Sunday, Mike honors not only this year's graduates but also speaks about graduating from the school of Christian life.
Sun. May 16th
Do I Have to Attend Every Worship Service?
Mike provides 3 good reasons to motivate everyone to attend every service of the church.
Wed. May 12th
The Great Illusion
In this session, Mike addresses the destructive nature of gambling focusing particularly on Internet gaming and many Scriptural references that speak directly to this addictive vice.
Wed. May 5th
The Alphabet Gender Wars
Mike reviews the history and possible future of a society actively seeking the deconstruction of traditional gender norms.
Wed. Apr 28th
Pornography and Behavior
Pornography has gone mainstream and is easily available for free, at first, for the naïve. This lesson explores internet porn, the most prevalent form of this highly addictive substance and some ways to avoid or break this poisonous habit. (N.B. - No graphic images will be shown in this lesson).
Wed. Apr 21st
Pro-Life or Pro Death
In this concluding lesson, Mike finishes examining the main arguments Pro-Choice groups use to defend abortion and brings forth key Scriptures that address this issue. (N.B. No graphic pictures or photos of abortion procedures will be used in this presentation).
Wed. Apr 14th
Pro-Life or Pro Death
In this two-part lesson, Mike will describe the various methods used to abort babies, and compare the main arguments used by both Pro-Choice and Pro-Life groups to support their positions on this highly controversial issue. (N.B. No graphic pictures or photos of aborted children will be shown).
Wed. Apr 7th
The Sobering Truth about Alcohol
Mike reviews the facts concerning the #1 addictive substance in the world and the deceptive arguments used to lure Christians into its use.
Sun. Apr 4th
In the Likeness of His Resurrection
This Easter Sunday lesson focuses on the order and nature of the resurrection made possible by Jesus' resurrection - our own!
Wed. Mar 31st
The Bible and Addiction
This lesson traces the four steps that lead to addiction and the specific teachings in the Bible that condemn this state of being.
Wed. Mar 24th
The 4 Phases of Addiction
In this first of three sessions, Mike describes the biology and behavior of the individual who is in the process of becoming addicted to drugs of various kinds.
Sun. Mar 21st
7 Steps to Successful Church Growth
Mike reviews local stats as a basis to examine the type of actions taken by churches who experience significant numerical growth.
Wed. Mar 17th
Superstition, Astrology and the Occult
Mike delves into the world of the occult explaining various facets of the dark practices and what the Bible specifically teaches about them.
Wed. Mar 10th
Mercy Killing or Selective Killing?
In this lesson, Mike examines the differences between natural death and mercy killing, and what the Bible teaches concerning the manner that one's life ends.
Wed. Mar 10th
Førbidden Topics

In this series, Mike tackles topics that are sensitive in nature and often have strongly differing opinions. Nevertheless, he presents a balanced view keeping in mind that the teaching goal in all BibleTalk material is to seek out what the Bible has to say on these and other subjects that we all are aware of and sometimes have to deal with personally.

Sun. Mar 7th
Enemies of the Cross
In the Philippian letter, Paul warns his readers of the various tactics used by Satan to rob Christians of the peace with God won for them at the cross.
Fri. Mar 5th
The Power of Proclamation
In this last lesson, Mike describes the purpose for which God's kingdom was established here on earth.
Thu. Mar 4th
Farming in the Kingdom of God
Mike uses a "farm" analogy to explain the natural growth and development of God's kingdom.
Wed. Mar 3rd
Living in the Kingdom
Even though the kingdom of God is spiritual in nature, there are definite experiences and laws that govern one's conduct as a citizen.
Tue. Mar 2nd
My Kingdom is not of this World
In this first lesson, Mike highlights the similar and separate features possessed by God's kingdom and all other kingdoms established by men.
Mon. Mar 1st
The Kingdom of God is Like...

This series traces out the various features of God's Kingdom that separate it from every other organized body here on earth.

Sun. Feb 28th
The True Fast
In this lesson, Isaiah reveals the nature of the kind of fast required by God that goes beyond the simple denial of food or drink for a time.
Sun. Feb 21st
Who Wrote the Bible?
Mike explains the many internal and external witnesses who claim that the Bible was written by God.
Sun. Feb 21st
The Suffering Servant
Isaiah's most dynamic and accurate portrait of Jesus the Messiah as Israel's Suffering Servant.
Sun. Feb 14th
Christmas Before Christ
In the Old Testament, there was great joy among those who read and believed the prophecies concerning what we today refer to as Christmas. The happiness caused by this event was felt long before the actual birth of Christ became a reality.
Sun. Feb 7th
Famine of the Word
This lesson examines how God can and does punish modern nations in the same way He disciplined the Israelites for similar sins against Him.
Sun. Feb 7th
Here Am I, Send Me
Mike uses Isaiah's call into ministry to provide direction and encouragement for the men and women that are being called into the various ministries that a congregation needs.
Sun. Jan 31st
When Good Becomes Evil and Evil Becomes Good
America's acceptance of same-sex marriage reflects the confused moral stance that existed in the days of Isaiah when the prophet charged the nation with usurping God's moral order.
Sun. Jan 24th
Goose Wisdom
Mike compares the natural wisdom seen in the migration habits of Canadian Geese to the attitudes the Christian flock should cultivate to live together in harmony.
Sun. Jan 24th
Structures and Features
In this lesson, Mike will review the fifth of the five strands Isaiah uses to frame his prophecies, the special literacy and structural features of his prophetic utterances.
Sun. Jan 17th
Structures and Features
This lesson continues to examine the third and fourth major topics addressed in Isaiah's writings, the Holy One of Israel, and the faith response of the Jewish people.
Sun. Jan 10th
Structures and Features
This lesson begins a three-part series outlining how Isaiah actually arranged the material in his book.
Sun. Jan 3rd
Isaiah for Beginners

In this study, Mike will provide a comprehensive introduction to Isaiah explaining the structure, style and various themes Isaiah addresses as well as several lessons developed from key passages in Isaiah's book.

Sun. Jan 3rd
The Three C's of Christianity
Despite the millions of books and articles written about Christianity, this faith can be summarized using three words that begin with the letter "C".
Sun. Jan 3rd
The Life and Times of Isaiah
In this first lesson, Mike will give a brief introduction of Isaiah himself and how his book was written.
December, 2020
Christianity vs. Taoism, Confucianism, Shinto and Buddhism
In this lesson we compare religions from China, Japan and India to the religion of Christianity.
December, 2020
God's Prescription for Burnout
In this final lesson, Mike breaks down God's way of dealing with human stress especially when it leads to personal burnout.
December, 2020
Stress from Burnout
Mike examines the end result of constant over-stress, burnout and how to avoid this debilitating condition.
December, 2020
Stress from Loss
Mike finishes out this topic by providing a biblical strategy for grief recovery.
December, 2020
Stress from Loss
Mike reviews the effect of loss on individuals, especially the stress associated with various kinds of loss.
December, 2020
Stress from Conflict
This lesson deals specifically with conflict in church situations. Hopefully lessons learned here can serve to deal with the stress caused by conflict in any setting.
December, 2020
Stress from Failure
In this session, Mike talks about the type of stress that everyone wants to avoid but all suffer from to a degree or another - stress from failure.
December, 2020
Stress from Work
Mike talks about the greatest source of everyday stress, the things we do to earn a living - work.
December, 2020
Stress from Worry
In this session, Mike defines the destructive habit of worry and how we are producing positive outcomes from those situations that normally cause us stress from worry.
December, 2020
An Introduction to the Problem of Stress
This lesson points out the nature of stress and its special effect on believers.
December, 2020
Stress Busters

Mike addresses a common problem of the times, stress, and how we can naturally decrease the frequency and intensity of this debilitating condition in our lives.

December, 2020
Christianity vs. Jainism and Sikhism
In this lesson, we compare the religions of Jainism and Sikhism to Christianity.
December, 2020
Christianity vs. Hinduism
This entire lesson is devoted to comparing Hinduism to Christianity.
December, 2020
Christianity vs. Zoroastrianism and Islam
In this lesson we continue looking at Near Eastern Religions by seeing how Zoroastrianism and Islam compare to Christianity.
November, 2020
Why is Thanksgiving important?
Mike reviews how the act of giving thanks is necessary to our spiritual growth.
November, 2020
What makes a house church a church?
In this lesson, Mike describes the two main elements that establish a church over a simple gathering for a Bible study.
November, 2020
Christianity vs. Judaism
In this lesson, Mike will list the information about Christianity in the nine categories used to describe major religions and use this as a base to compare it to Judaism.
November, 2020
The Royal Priests
In this lesson, Mike compares the Aaronic priesthood of the Old Testament to the Royal priesthood of the New Testament.
November, 2020
How do I start a house church?
In this short video, Mike reviews the three things necessary to start a church in your home.
November, 2020
Introduction: Unorganized Religions
This lesson begins our study of world religions by defining the word religion and what groups will be included. We also begin by exploring Primitive Religions.
November, 2020
Christianity vs. World Religions

This series is a brief guide to understanding World Religions. It examines the many types of religions and how they compare to Christianity.

November, 2020
Jubilee & Jesus
In the book of Leviticus, we read about an amazing system of economics that God provided for the Jews called the Sabbatical year ordinances. A feature of this system was the year of Jubilee. In this lesson, Mike shows how Jubilee was a preview of not only an event in the future but a person who would fulfill all the wonderful promises of the Jubilee year.
November, 2020
A Christian's Response to Death and Dying
In this session, Mike compares the five stages of grief originally taught by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross to the grieving process outlined in the Book of Job.
October, 2020
Life Lessons from Job
In this lesson, Mike will share seven life lessons that will help students incorporate this book into practical faithful living.