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Stand-By Service
When it comes to caring and serving there are some members who are always on "stand-by."
The 10 Stages of Motherhood
Every parent looks forward to the day when their child will truly understand what being a parent is all about
Christian Worship in 150 AD
Justin Martyr was a Samarian Christian who lived in the second century. He was a Platonist philosopher who was converted to Christianity and became a strong defender of the faith. In one of his works, "Apology of the Christian Religion", written in around 150AD, he describes a typical Christian worship service of that day.
The Modern Church
It seems that there are three elements that help identify the "modern" church. One is a focus on music in worship. Orchestras, choirs, even drama with music are a must if a church is to appeal to today's church goer.
Evolution or Creation?
One of the most heated debates of our time is the one centered on the origin of mankind and the universe.
My Election Prayer
I praise you and thank you for the blessing of living in a nation that is so prosperous and at relative peace with its neighbors and itself.
Too Full to Fast... Too Fast to Pray
Fasting used to be part of the regular spiritual exercises of the early church. They fasted as part of their ministry of worship to the Lord.
The Religious Agenda of Muslims
There have always been difficulties in integrating immigrants into mainstream Canadian society. The underlying fear of Muslim immigrants, however, might be the suspicion that as an aggressive, proselytizing religion, they might have a religious agenda that has at its core the eventual overtaking of the Christian majority.
The Doubting Nun
The recent publishing of Mother Teresa's letters filled with doubt and despair has led many to either praise or pity her. I, along with leading atheist Christopher Hitchens, feel great pity for this brave woman but for different reasons.
Top Ten Reasons Why Christianity is #1
#10. Don't need special clothing or haircut to be a member. #9. No killing of others necessary....
Physician, Heal Thyself
I have been sick this month in a way I haven't before. January's deep freeze plus fatigue from too much travel, too little sunshine, and exposure to too many sick people finally did me in.
Everybody Dies
They say that famous people die in groups of three. This week has lent credence to this social phenomenon as former U.S. President Gerald Ford; R and B singer James Brown; and deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein have all died within days of each other.
Faithful in Little Things
The shooting deaths of the Amish girls in the U.S. has brought into much sharper focus what Jesus meant when He said that those who are faithful in small things are faithful in greater things as well (Lk.16:10).
The Illusion of Safety
The recent media coverage of the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 attack offered politicians the opportunity to promote their various takes on how "safe" we are from future attacks. All were cautious in their assesments of our vulnerability, as they should be.
There Will Never be a Cure
Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, boldly declared that a cure for AIDS will one day be found. This statement, along with the financial endorsement of Bill and Melinda Gates, had the delegates at the recent International Aids Conference in Toronto cheering.
Peace, Perfect Peace
We can't help but witness the most recent war in the Middle East between Israel and Lebanon. While this battle rages on, the British police foil an attempt by terrorists to hijack and destroy 10 planes while they flew from London to the United States.
The "Out"rageous Games
Montreal is hosting and quite proud of the "Out" games this week. Newspapers are filled with pictures of men in drag, women holding hands, and announcements of great parties featuring "Gay" themes. All in the name of human rights, diversity, and sports.
A Brief History of the Church of Christ in Quebec
This article goes through the History of the church in Quebec from the first Church of Christ planted in Montreal all the way to 2016.
The End of Islam?
The recent attack on the U.S. by Mid-Eastern extremists have many alarmed that the impact of this event signals the ascent of Islam as a dominant and unstoppable religious idea in the world. This vicious episode, however, may actually point to the opposite reality for the many followers of Mohammed.
Poster Child
Yet another teen-age funeral to keep the pundits hard at work. Santana's tragedy provides more grist for America's cottage industry of blame and political posturing.
Sooner Spirit
The thrilling victory scored over Nebraska is sure to keep Sooner fans happy for a long time to come. Aside from an excellent effort by the Norman squad, their play reminded me of the larger game of Christian living and what we need to remember when facing our greatest opponent, Satan and his forces:
Y2 - K.O.
What a bust! The survivalists are scratching their heads wondering what went wrong with their hyperactive predictions of chaos on the big "night".
My Retirement Prayer
I have finally found a worthy goal for my old age. Ever since I've turned fifty, two years ago, my mailbox has been inundated with "senior" advertising. Everything from time-shares in Florida to brochures for Winnebago rentals.
The Goodbye Girl
Her mother remembers that even before Julia was born, she was kicking to get out. Today as she leaves for Marine boot camp, we shared another of the many "good-byes" reserved for all parents.