The Illusion of Safety

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The recent media coverage of the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 attack offered politicians the opportunity to promote their various takes on how "safe" we are from future attacks. All were cautious in their assessments of our vulnerability, as they should be.

Governments around the world are seeking out the latest techniques in counter-terrorism to avoid another dreadful day like the one that took place in New York, but even in their most confident pronouncements one can feel their unease and sense of dread.

The new world order ushered in by murderous fanatics has also spawned a growing market for "safety" hucksters peddling their own antidote to fear in the form of programs, products, and policies, all paid for by a public conveniently mobilized by the media for the next "attack". What's sad in all of this is that there really is danger but those charged with protecting us can't completely eliminate the threat.

Of course facing an overwhelming enemy is nothing new. The psalmist, David, knew a thing or two about dangerous foes and plotting allies alike. He, however, understood that the assurance of a peaceful heart in times of turmoil was not based on the size of his army (although he had a considerable force to deploy ), it was built on an abiding trust in God.

Unless the Lord guards the city,
The watchman keeps awake in vain.
- Psalms 127:1

There would be a lot less stress in our lives over the ability of our enemies to harm us if we put our trust into God's ability to guard us rather than the illusion of safety cast upon us by our leaders.