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Why Jesus Had to Resurrect
In the Church of Christ we have no "special" services for religious holidays like Easter but the fact that Easter Sunday is celebrated by many seems to motivate people to make an extra effort to be at church service at this time.
Jesus Died on the Cross to Save Us
Celebrating Jesus
If we expand our understanding of who Jesus is, according to the Bible, we will appreciate Him more.
John 20:26-29
Evangelism and the Life of the Church
Do You Know My Jesus?
I'll share with you how the Holy Spirit evangelized me and what this has meant in my life.
1. The Preaching of Jesus
Perhaps in examining Jesus' style and approach to this glorious work we can become more of what all of us seek to be, like Him.
Matthew 5:1-2
Jesus Loves Tiger Woods
I prayed for Tiger Woods today. From now on he will be referred to by the media as "disgraced golfer" Tiger Woods... a heavy burden to carry at such a young age, hence my prayer on his behalf.
Jesus Doesn't do Funerals
The Enemies of Jesus
After the birth of Jesus, Joseph is told in a dream to take Mary and their Son to Egypt to avoid the threat against his life from Herod (Matthew 2:13). In this short passage we learn a few truths about the enemies of Jesus.
What Do You Want From Jesus?
We can read in John's gospel of how Jesus fed about 5,000 people with only 5 barley loaves and 2 fish. When everyone was filled, there were 12 baskets full of leftovers!
Do you Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus?
Seeing the resurrected Jesus or hearing from eyewitnesses of the event is no guarantee that you will believe He is alive.