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Judas Iscariot

A Life Wasted

This lesson looks not at a wasted life, but at a life wasted. The difference is choices made. How sad it will be on judgment day when we are presented with the many opportunities to serve our Lord. Such is the case with the tragic figure Judas Iscariot. He was with our Lord physically but not spiritually and never grew in his faith.

Discussion Questions

  1. Summarize information about Judas from scripture and why you feel he was willing to betray Jesus.
  2. How do you reconcile that Jesus chose Judas and that Judas chose to betray our Lord?
  3. Using Matthew's account of the death of Judas and the reference from Acts 1:18-19, how do you see Judas' death portrayed.
  4. We know Judas experienced remorse for his actions.  How does this differ from repentance, and what can we apply from this to our relationship with Jesus?
  5. How does Judas help us look at our own life as a disciple of Jesus?