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33. How to Persevere in Preaching
5 indispensable rules that pave the way for your present-day survival and future prosperity as a preacher.
Mary - The Single Parent
A look at Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a woman, wife, and ultimately, a widow.
Why the Church of Christ
3. How to Grow A Preacher
One of the greatest struggles that some men have is to decide if they're going to go into ministry. This lesson provides direction for those who desire this calling.
Salted Speech
Being effective in sharing our faith requires that we salt all our speech with grace, not just know the facts about religion.
I Thessalonians 2:1-12
The Deacon of Blame
I've often said that the church should appoint a deacon in charge of blame - the deacon of blame. That way when anything ever goes wrong, or something doesn't get done, this deacon's only job would be to accept the blame for it.
4. Improving the Effectiveness of our Adult Bible Class Teaching
A teacher of God's word, no matter the level or scope is one of the most important and influential roles in congregations. It is so important that it was among the final words of our Lord as he was preparing to ascend back into heaven.
1. The Use of Media in Ministry
Communicating the Message
Media is the vehicle for communication and we as Christians are really in the business of communication.
A Brief History of the Church of Christ in Quebec
This article goes through the History of the church in Quebec from the first Church of Christ planted in Montreal all the way to 2016.
Paris and the Church
In a marvelous book entitled "How Paris Became Paris" by author Joan DeJean, the author explains the unique concept that guided the building and development of the enchanting city of Paris.