Day #43

II Timothy was probably the last letter Paul wrote.
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Paul also penned two letters to Timothy, the young evangelist. You can tell by the way he writes that Paul knows his own life is drawing to a close. Historians place the writing of II Timothy at 66 A.D., one year before Paul was beheaded. II Timothy was probably the last letter Paul wrote.


Please read I & II Timothy as you begin your quiet time.


Timothy was a preacher, evangelist or minister. These three terms were used interchangeably to describe a man who was assigned to proclaim the Word of God to others. We have ministers in the church today. Their responsibilities are to proclaim God's Word (II Timothy 4:2), edify the church (I Timothy 5:17), appoint elders (Titus 1:5-9), defend the faith (I Timothy 1:3) and evangelize (II Timothy 4:5). These men are not "Pastors" as denominations mistakenly use the term. They are ministers.

A pastor is from the Greek word Poimen. It is also translated as shepherd. There are three Greek words from which we derive six English words describing the same persons. They are:

  • Poimen – pastor or shepherd
  • Episkopos – bishop or overseer
  • Presbuteros – presbyter or elder

Elders are the men charged with shepherding the local congregation. Their qualifications are mentioned in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Deacons are also described in the 1 Timothy passage. They are men entrusted with works of service for the good of the church. Together they make up the structure of leadership God intended for God's flock. So don't call the preacher at your congregation "Pastor." He's not a pastor.