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Death - Ruth's Example
I Corinthians 15
The Death of a Pope
As you all know Jean Paul II has died at the age of 84. He is the spiritual leader and head of the Roman Catholic Church. It is said that there will be over 1 million people that will visit his body in Rome. The world and especially Catholics see this as an important and historic event, but how are we, as New Testament Christians, to react to the death of this Pope?
Divine Justice
As the execution of Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh, approaches there will surely be a rise in the debate over the issue of the death penalty. Unfortunately, both sides often talk, over each others' heads and the discussion rarely moves toward any kind of resolution.
29. No Good Time to Die
Faithful in Little Things
The shooting deaths of the Amish girls in the U.S. has brought into much sharper focus what Jesus meant when He said that those who are faithful in small things are faithful in greater things as well (Lk.16:10).
The Matrix Conspiracy
There is new technology, new gadgets, new ideas about how things work. But as far as the human condition is concerned; as far as what mankind's essential responsibility is; as far as what is truth and the reality of life, death and what comes after --- there really is nothing new here on earth --- under the sun.
Why Me, Why Now?
One thing you learn a lot about as a minister is suffering and death. You're among the first to be called when there is illness and the last person to see the dead as they are buried at their funerals.
35. She was a Good Dog
4. Rebellion and Leadership
This lesson covers the principle events from the spies mission in surveying the Promised Land to the deaths of Miriam and Aaron as the Israelites near the end of their wilderness wanderings.
Numbers 13-20
The Qumran Community
Creators of the Dead Sea Scrolls
This article will investigate the origins and customs of this "monastic" and ultra conservative sect of Jews from whom we have a priceless treasure (Dead Sea Scrolls), scriptural transcripts representing the greatest archeological find in the modern era.