April 19th is special because it is the anniversary date of the Oklahoma City bombing. It is important to remember this event and focus on some of the things that survived the blast on that day.

The bomb killed and injured many people but it brought out the love of so many more. The entire world was amazed at the genuine spirit of love and concern demonstrated by official agencies as well as people in the community. Oklahomans showed that "Love never fails" (1Cor. 13:8).

Any coward can sneak up and hurt you. It takes courage, however, to absorb an unwarranted attack and go on. The courage of our people clearly demonstrated what John says in his epistle, "…greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world," 1 John 4:6.

When interviewed by CNN's Larry King on the death of his sister, Bill Day was asked if he doubted God's goodness. He replied that his faith was not connected to his sister's unfortunate death, it was based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A bomb could bring someone to the grave but it couldn't destroy what brings someone out of the grave.

In the future the memory of the evil ones who did this will fade as their moment in the spotlight will dim. The things that survived, however, will grow brighter and stronger, blessing all those who were there and remember April 19th.