Recipe for a Successful Family
The first of a 3 part series examining the qualities that promote harmony, joy, and intimacy in family settings.
God Bless You - Mike and Family
Recipe for a Successful Spiritual Life
Part 3 of a series looking at family, career and the way to experience a true spiritual regeneration in this life and an eternal existence in the next.
Recipe for a Successful Career
Part 2 of a 3 part series looking at the ingredients for success in the family as well as the pursuit of satisfying and rewarding careers.
What Would You Do Differently?
Watching people die is always a growth experience. I don't say this lightly because the trauma for family and friends is real and painful. But if you're in the medical profession or serve as a hospice worker or minister, the constant passing of people from this life to the next occurs repeatedly in your everyday work and serves more to teach than frighten or depress.
Who's Your Person?
As Christians, we are our brother's keeper whether we realize it or not. How we care for each other in society, family or the church is a true measure of our moral health.
The Blessing
One of the treasured memories of growing up in a French family in Quebec was the New Year's Day "blessing
Evangelizing Homosexuals
We need to evangelize this growing number of people but are usually hard-pressed to know where to begin. This lesson provides some information towards this end.
When I review the qualities in men who are fathers, the one that I find most appealing and helpful for the well-being of the family is a man's ability and willingness to be a servant-leader.
Circle of Salvation
This week I had the great joy of baptizing my youngest daughter, Emilie. She is the last of my children to obey the gospel and with her baptism the circle of salvation is complete around our family.
How to Help the Unsaved Die