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3 Choices Christians Need To Make
Peace or conflict? Being a Christian will always bring the disciple into conflict with one's surroundings. Christianity goes against the grain of this world - its ideas, actions, desires.
What to do While you Wait For Jesus
Regardless of what one believes concerning the return of Christ, there are things that every Christian needs to do before the second coming.
A Time for Everything
In this lesson we talk about Ecclesiastes 3:1 where Solomon describes there is a time for everything. When we realize there is a time for everything it will add so much to our lives.
Carrying the Cross of Jesus Christ
The Cross has always been a powerful reminder of the suffering of Jesus Christ. It has also been a reference point for things Christians must suffer to serve the Lord. In this lesson we will look at how 'Carrying the Cross' demonstrates the way we respond to hardships and suffering.
Will He Find You Faithful
When speaking of His eventual return to judge the world and transport the church to heaven, Jesus had only one question expressed in Luke 8:8, "...when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" When applied in personal terms this question becomes, "When Jesus returns, will He find you faithful?"
4 Rules for a Happy Life
The most sincere thing we can desire for somebody else is their happiness. It's usually the thing parents want the most for their children. They want their children to be happy. In this entry we'll look at the 4 rules for a happy life.
Solomon's Summary
"The conclusion, when all has been heard is: fear God and keep his commandments, because this applies to every person. For God will bring every act to judgement, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil." Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
Recipe for a Successful Spiritual Life
Part 3 of a series looking at family, career and the way to experience a true spiritual regeneration in this life and an eternal existence in the next.
Is Baptism Really Necessary?
It seems that sooner or later every idea in the Bible is challenged in one way or another. In this video blog we'll answer those who challenge the following type of questions: "Is it necessary to be baptized in order to be saved?" or "Is baptism really necessary for me to be a Christian?"
In Defense Of Martha
I believe Martha's gotten a bad rap as far as Bible characters go. The most quoted reference about Martha is where Jesus gently admonishes her concerning this good woman's frustration at not receiving help from her sister, Mary, in serving their guests.
Gay Rights or Wrongs?
President Obama is so wrong. His enthusiastic support of legislation legalizing same-sex marriage is born out of his mistaken idea that this is a civil rights issue...
Recipe for a Successful Family
The first of a 3 part series examining the qualities that promote harmony, joy, and intimacy in family settings.
Gay Nation
It seems that the surest way to secure your fifteen minutes of fame in America these days is to declare to the world that you're gay.
Preacher Count
It has long been held that preachers can't count. I suppose it's because they usually overestimate the size of attendance or count the unborn babies as present.
God Given Rights
The recent trend in education and politics to remove any mention of God or the Bible is really a subtle attack on individual rights and freedoms.
Duck Dilemma
The duck people have gone and done it now. The patriarch of reality television's Duck Dynasty has actually shared his Christian perspective on the subject of homosexuality with a reporter for trendy GQ magazine.
Why Wait For Eternal Life
Jesus said, "And this is eternal life, that they may know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom Thou has sent," (John 17:3).
Parable of the Cork
Don't let the weight of sin keep you from coming back to Christ
Surviving the Opposition's Candidate
According to the pundits, the possible presidency of either candidate would be the final step in the destruction of this nation. This election has so polarized the American people that each side views the other as the agent of the apocalypse should the other's candidate ascend to the top position in the land...
From Zero to Faith
How does one go from having no faith to having complete faith? OK I have faith, now what? These are the questions we discuss in this video blog.
Humble Beginning
It is interesting to note that Judah, the man from whose human lineage Jesus would eventually come, was born under questionable circumstances. His mother, Leah, was given by trickery in marriage as a substitute for her sister, Rachel. She conceived, but not in love, and struggled with her sister for the affections of their common husband.
Common Vs. Holy
Ezekiel outlines the duties of the newly appointed priests and he says that one of their tasks was to teach the people the difference between what is holy and what is common; what is clean and unclean.
School Daze!
The Bible doesn't mention the back to school experience but there are a couple of principles that might make the experience a little smoother for both. Try reading these to each other.
The Scent of Christmas
They say that smell is attached to memory and I believe it. My parents have been dead for years and yet they are brought to mind most readily through my sense of smell.