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Every Tribe, Every Tongue
Keynote speech for the 2007 World Mission Workshop at Oklahoma Christian University. The main message is that it is the responsibility of each generation to evangelize the world and today it is possible through modern communication technology (i.e. Internet) to preach the gospel to every nation each day, all day long, until Jesus returns.
Revelation 5:9; 7:9
The Matrix Conspiracy
There is new technology, new gadgets, new ideas about how things work. But as far as the human condition is concerned; as far as what mankind's essential responsibility is; as far as what is truth and the reality of life, death and what comes after --- there really is nothing new here on earth --- under the sun.
After countless advances in medical technology, doctors tell us that our average lifespan is 75.8 years. These figures teach us a couple of interesting lessons no matter what our age is.
You Can't Clone a Soul
Let's get it straight. The road to immortality does not run through the uncertain terrain of cloning.
Catching Up
In Joshua 24:3, we read that God gave a homeland to Esau (the land of Seir) long before He gave one to Jacob, Esau's brother, and his descendents. Esau had a 400 year head start on building cities and fortifying towers. He had a great advantage in establishing an army and a permanent culture.
Taming The Future
Every year at this time the Pundits and Futurists publish their predictions for the state of the Human Race.
In Case of War
If we understand the times and circumstances correctly, the time for war has come upon us and as Christians we need to be prepared for this fact.
The Eternal Church
Jesus said that nothing will or can destroy the church. The Bible says that it will continue to grow until it fills and dominates every other kingdom in the world and remain that way forever.
Mark 16:18
Not All Will Die
The Use of Media in Ministry
Communicating the Message
Media is the vehicle for communication and we as Christians are really in the business of communication.