3 Choices Christians Need To Make
Peace or conflict? Being a Christian will always bring the disciple into conflict with one's surroundings. Christianity goes against the grain of this world - its ideas, actions, desires.
How to Correct Sinful Christians
Carrying the Cross of Jesus Christ
The Cross has always been a powerful reminder of the suffering of Jesus Christ. It has also been a reference point for things Christians must suffer to serve the Lord. In this lesson we will look at how 'Carrying the Cross' demonstrates the way we respond to hardships and suffering.
Surviving the Opposition's Candidate
According to the pundits, the possible presidency of either candidate would be the final step in the destruction of this nation. This election has so polarized the American people that each side views the other as the agent of the apocalypse should the other's candidate ascend to the top position in the land...
Angry Words
There's a lot of misunderstanding about how a Christian should deal with anger issues. In this blog we look at how Christians can deal with anger issues.
Tobacco Statistics
OK. Let's decide it once and for all. Tobacco use, sinful or not? If it isn't we'll leave well enough alone, if it is then all the Christians who use it need to stop.
Who's Your Person?
As Christians, we are our brother's keeper whether we realize it or not. How we care for each other in society, family or the church is a true measure of our moral health.
The Promise Land
A lesson that parallels an immigrant's experience with the experience of Christians who come into the kingdom and seek the promise of heaven.
The Death of a Pope
As you all know Jean Paul II has died at the age of 84. He is the spiritual leader and head of the Roman Catholic Church. It is said that there will be over 1 million people that will visit his body in Rome. The world and especially Catholics see this as an important and historic event, but how are we, as New Testament Christians, to react to the death of this Pope?
Drawing Near to God
As Christians we have many challenges before us. Prayer and fasting is the best way we can present these before God.
James 4:8-10
In Case of War
If we understand the times and circumstances correctly, the time for war has come upon us and as Christians we need to be prepared for this fact.
Christian Style Christmas
At one time or another I've tried and taught most of the ideas that Christians think about Christmas and its celebration; denouncing it, ignoring it or simply accepting its inevitability.
The Use of Media in Ministry
Media is the vehicle for communication and we as Christians are really in the business of communication.
Too Busy?
In our fast paced society it is often difficult to determine the difference between busy and too busy. The following 7 statements should help busy people (especially Christians).
The Unholy Blessing of Same-Sex Marriage
A review of the progress of the same-sex marriage crusade along with what this means for Christians going forward.