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4. How We Edit Our BibleTalk.tv Videos
In this video, we'll dive into Premiere Pro and edit a class together.
7. The Origin of The Bible
This article looks at the history of writing and examines how the Bible originated and closes with information on how the Old Testament was organized.
Repentance is a Revolution
Bible Basics
Acts 2:38
Biblical Baptism
Bible Basics
Acts 2:38
4. Improving the Effectiveness of our Adult Bible Class Teaching
A teacher of God's word, no matter the level or scope is one of the most important and influential roles in congregations. It is so important that it was among the final words of our Lord as he was preparing to ascend back into heaven.
The Inspiration of the Bible
​Nobody just reads the Bible and says, "I think this book is inspired." It's not just a logical deduction. The Bible actually says this about itself in different places. Doesn't it seem natural that an inspired book would claim this about itself? The Old Testament takes this idea for granted since it continually describes dialogue between God and man.
4. Using BibleTalk.tv on Amazon FireTV
In this guide, I'll show you our official FireTV channel and how to navigate it.
3. Using BibleTalk.tv on Roku
A simple guide to using a Roku player to access our collection of free Bible video lessons for your Congregation.
5. Using BibleTalk.tv on Apple TV
A simple guide to using AppleTV to access our collection of free Bible video lessons.
1. How to Use BibleTalk.tv in Your Congregation
Here are some step-by-step guides to help get your church up and running using our free Bible material.
2. Using BibleTalk Offline with a Projector
In this video, I will show you how to use a Projector and a USB drive to show our video Bible material in your congregation without an internet connection.
Is the Bible Relevant?
To be relevant, the Bible would have to address today's issues. Does it do that?
8. How to Create a BibleTalk.tv Account
This help guide will show you the steps to create your free BibleTalk.tv user account on the website or from your mobile device.