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41. Ministering to the Minister
Several years ago, I was visiting a congregation whose "prime" had passed. The attendance was half of what it used to be as empty pews marked the places where entire families once sat. The singing only echoed the full voices that had previously stirred the building with sweet praise.
The Chosen Wives
Love's Goodbye
In my job as a minister I have watched many people die. As awful as this sounds, there is a sameness to the process that, with time...
Why Me, Why Now?
One thing you learn a lot about as a minister is suffering and death. You're among the first to be called when there is illness and the last person to see the dead as they are buried at their funerals.
5. The Work of this Evangelist
Paul the Apostle is near the end of his life in a Roman prison and gives instructions to Timothy, a young preacher he has trained about his work as a minister.
II Timothy 4:1-5
30. The Rod of Discipline
Solomon, in Proverbs 13:24, emphasizes that discipline, akin to a shepherd's rod, is an essential expression of love necessary for a child's growth, as it teaches them accountability and obedience, ultimately preventing a life without direction and self-discipline.
Evangelizing Homosexuals
We need to evangelize this growing number of people but are usually hard-pressed to know where to begin. This lesson provides some information towards this end.
Lord of Weather
The weather is much in the news at this time of year and there is endless discussion about its impact on the earth. We know, however, that regardless of its severity or change, the weather is meant to be a ministering agent for the Lord.
The Intimate Marriage
After 45 years of ministry and pastoral marriage counseling, I have noticed a common pattern among couples who struggle with sexual issues in their marriage, especially after the ten-year mark.
Daniel 11 – Outline of Kings
Daniel 11 predicts events that will take place between the rise and fall of the Greek and Roman Empires.