Recipe for a Successful Career
Part 2 of a 3 part series looking at the ingredients for success in the family as well as the pursuit of satisfying and rewarding careers.
Recipe for a Successful Spiritual Life
Part 3 of a series looking at family, career and the way to experience a true spiritual regeneration in this life and an eternal existence in the next.
So You Want To Be A Missionary?
I have often been asked by young people considering becoming missionaries what they will "need" in order to get into full-time work. Of course, they are usually thinking in terms of education or money but after 25 years of ministry experience I can say that these are not the things that will guarantee success in these endeavors.
Recipe for a Successful Family
The first of a 3 part series examining the qualities that promote harmony, joy, and intimacy in family settings.
Senior Moments
Senior "moments" usually refer to bouts of forgetfulness that seem to overtake all of us as we grow older. However, these moments can also refer to insights and lessons that come if you have been around for a while.
Loneliness is a catchword for a variety of feelings associated with being by oneself. The "feelings" associated with being alone are usually caused by the reasons why a person finds themselves alone to begin with.
How to Avoid Materialism
Materialism is a very subtle attack against our faith, against our soul. It creeps into your life because we have to deal every day with material. In this lesson, we will look at ways to beat it.
How to Correct Sinful Christians
He Could've Been a Role Model
Tommy Morrison, the heavyweight boxer from Oklahoma, has tested positive for the H.I.V. virus. He faced the media with this announcement recently and finished his news conference with the words, "I could have been a role model but I blew my chance."
Keep Your Eye on the Ball