Senior "moments" usually refer to bouts of forgetfulness that seem to overtake all of us as we grow older. However, these moments can also refer to insights and lessons that come if you have been around for a while. I will be 65 in a few weeks and have had my own moments when the brain synapses were not all firing but along with these were a few moments of clarity about life that only age can reveal For example:

1. Things Take Time

Whether it is building a career, marriage, raising a child, or recovering from illness or loss, it always takes more time than we thought. If you live long enough, you really begin to understand Solomon's observation that "…there is a time for every event…"(Ecc. 3:1). Everything finally does come around but it usually takes time. As I grow older I realize that quitting too early on projects or people is usually a mistake.

2. Less Talk is Better Than More Talk

This may sound funny coming from a preacher but I have noticed that most efforts at growing spiritually involve me saying less, not more. Again, Solomon teaches that," A truly wise person uses few words "(Prov.17:27). It seems that many times Christian love requires us to say nothing or let things pass without comment rather than risk offending with carelessly spoken words.

3. It's Always About Faith

The Christian's life experience is simply one long unbroken test of faith. I finally "get it" – God wants me to believe in Jesus and trust in Him every day for every thing! Growing older has broken me of the habit of depending on myself first, and then, when things go wrong or I cannot manage, I depend on Him. Now that my strength is failing and there is less future than there used to be, I see that He was ready to carry me even when I could do it all (or so I thought!)… All I had to do was have faith in Him.

I suppose the biggest surprise as I go into "SENIORDOM" is how God provides something good at every stage of life. Being young and starting a family is exciting but getting to hold your grandchildren tight is a delight. God provides both and both lead us to praise and thank Him as I do each day while I am still able to share a moment with the One who never grows old.