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The Carpenter
Last month we were in Colorado driving through Garden of the Gods. From there we drove up through Manitou Springs and into the mountains. Finally, we parked at a park in Woodland Park.
You Can Dream
God gave you a mind that is not limited to your physical time and location. With very little effort you can imagine yourself being in a different place a different time, being able to do things you can't actually do.
The Origins of the Synagogue
This article will examine the origins of the modern synagogue and note the developments that ultimately forged this ancient Jewish entity.
Do you ever get tired of going to church?
​Do you ever get tired of going to church? Is it something you look forward to, or is it burdensome to you? Do you get bored with singing, taking the Lord's supper, giving, praying? Does it get to be monotonous for you?
One of the things about ministry that gives me great joy is showing the love of God and His son, Jesus, to those lost in the world. I remember helping a gentleman who was homeless and not a Christian,...
The Intimate Marriage
After 45 years of ministry and pastoral marriage counseling, I have noticed a common pattern among couples who struggle with sexual issues in their marriage, especially after the ten-year mark.
Paris and the Church
In a marvelous book entitled "How Paris Became Paris" by author Joan DeJean, the author explains the unique concept that guided the building and development of the enchanting city of Paris.
The Spirit that is in me is Greater than the Spirit that is in AI!
The title says it all, doesn't it? All the fuss and handwringing over the Artificial Intelligence phenomena is quite anxiety producing for unbelievers.
What a Waste
Gather up the leftover fragments so that nothing will be lost.
Gaining Christ
Christianity ruined the life of Paul from a worldly point of view.
Paper or Plastic?
Some of us remember a time when you sacked groceries in big brown paper bags. They were awkward to carry and tore easily if your food poked through or they got wet. I remember using them to carry my lunch to school.
Comforting the Widows
You spend decades together as husband and wife working out your differences and adapting to an ever-changing world. The highs. The lows. Side-by-side you work through it all as a team. Then after years of forging out a life together, your loved one is suddenly gone.
Do you Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus?
Seeing the resurrected Jesus or hearing from eyewitnesses of the event is no guarantee that you will believe He is alive.
​Keep the charge of the LORD your God, to walk in His ways, to keep His statutes.
Spiritual Nourishment
​This past week Kathy and I attended the Freed-Hardeman University Lectureship in Henderson, Tennessee
Is the Bible Relevant?
To be relevant, the Bible would have to address today's issues. Does it do that?
My Faith Means Everything to Me
The decision to give my life to Christ is the greatest accomplishment of my life. I love Christ and I love His church, but within the church I have met a few members with some strange ideas about faith.
​What makes a person want to come to church?
It's normally when a friend or family member invites them. Rarely does someone just come on their own unless it is someone sincerely reaching out to the Lord.
About, the "Chosen"
I have mixed emotions concerning this latest runaway hit streaming online called the "Chosen."
The Value of Apologetics
Apologetics must be valuable because the Holy Spirit sprinkled them throughout God's word.
Lacking in Zeal?
From the front of the auditorium if you slowly pan across the room and look at the faces of those who will soon be worshipping God together, there is a passion in the expressions of believers who are grateful to be here. No words are necessary. You can see it in their eyes. There is a brightness about them.
The Right Answer
How many ounces in a gallon? Where is Smugglers Notch? In 1998 which football team beat Green Bay to win the Superbowl? Who was their quarterback? What is the difference between soul and spirit? Our heads are stuffed full of facts.
Take Time to Worship God
​What a joy it is to assemble with God's people and worship God on the first day of the week.
The Enemies of Jesus
After the birth of Jesus, Joseph is told in a dream to take Mary and their Son to Egypt to avoid the threat against his life from Herod (Matthew 2:13). In this short passage we learn a few truths about the enemies of Jesus.