Which War Are You Fighting?

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There is a lot of talk concerning war these days. The war on America, war on drugs, and the war against youth violence to name a few.

Even in our personal lives it seems that we are constantly battling something. From the battle to make ends meet to the battle of the "bulge" - our days are filled with never ending struggles.

Some of us have been fighting with life's problems for so long, however, that we've forgotten which battle actually belongs to us and which belongs to God. Jesus tells us that our main contest is to keep Him and His will first in our lives (Matthew 6:33). If we do this, He will war on our behalf against the various enemies that beset us.

One of the main reasons we so often lose is that we choose to fight the wrong battles. We try to win the wars that God says He will take care of (food, shelter, peace, etc.) and we neglect the fronts that are truly ours to defend (making sure we know and follow His will).

Next time there's a lull in the action (like a quiet moment of prayer) make sure you're fighting the right war. If you're involved in the wrong war you're sure to lose, no matter how hard you fight.