Here is Mike's response to believers about the current pandemic.

I agree that we are going through difficult times, however, this is nothing new for believers. In my opinion, this is strictly a matter of earthly concern. How we die, when we die, how we delay our dying is pretty much a personal decision and people should be left to decide for themselves.

Politicians trade in laws and the wielding of power, two things that will be done away with when Jesus comes.

If one is concerned with the kingdom as a priority for their emotional and spiritual energy these other matters will fall into the place where they belong… as part of the cares of this world. My concern is that Christians are being swept up in the worry and concern over something they have little control over.

One wears a mask thinking this will protect him, another has a vaccine and discards his mask, still, another has no mask or vaccine preferring to maintain his freedom to choose his own way to live and die. In addition, we have politicians who are disturbing the masses with conflicting information. All part of this world.

Like Paul the apostle I prefer to exercise my Christian freedom when I can and submit to human laws as well as the weakness of my brethren when required. I am convinced, however, that this too shall pass and we will be better for it if we put our trust in the Lord each day since, in the end, He has the power of life and death and not some Asian virus or American lawmaker.