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How to Avoid Materialism
Materialism is a very subtle attack against our faith, against our soul. It creeps into your life because we have to deal every day with material. In this lesson, we will look at ways to beat it.
How to Correct Sinful Christians
I want you to raise your hands, all of those who have become Christians in the last two years. Raise your hands, raise them high. Okay, thanks. So we've got about more than a third of the people who are...
5 Things We Do in Worship
There are 5 things found in the New Testament that God will accept as true worship to Him.
A New Vision of the Church
God Has Planned Something Better for Us
This is the first class in a series of lessons on living a full life in Christ. And Barry has organized this series of classes, titles, so on and so forth. And we're going to have many of our elders teaching...
Hebrews 11
What Will it Take
How Should We Worship God?
Marvelous singing, marvelous song leading. It's not in my notes or anything, but I'm just I was just thinking it's so good for a preacher to feel, this may sound strange, but to feel an integral part...
Death - Ruth's Example
Solomon says, There's a time to give birth and there's a time to die.- Ecclesiastes 3:2 And I would add there's a time to mourn. There are recent deaths that are affecting many of us this morning. So...
I Corinthians 15
Freedom, Slavery and Heaven
The Promise Land
A lesson that parallels an immigrant's experience with the experience of Christians who come into the kingdom and seek the promise of heaven.
What is Your Witness
What Would We be Doing
Tongues Today - #2
Tongues Today - #1
It seems that every generation is fascinated by the phenomenon of tongue-speaking. And not only is every generation fascinated by this thing called tongue-speaking, we wonder if we can do it today? I...
The Single Priority
The Silver Servers
The Growth Bug
The Good Steward
The Beauty of the Cross
Miracle Grow