Sermon Topics

Sermons organized according to topic so that visitors can find a variety of lessons pertaining to specific subject matter.
These sermons are designed to help you defend and share your faith.
Bible Characters
From David to Mary to Jesus Christ Himself, we'll learn how God used each of these people for His purpose and what lessons each can teach us today.
Christian Doctrine
These lessons are studies on what the Bible actually teaches about God, the Church, morals, spiritual development and everyday issues faced by all Christians.
Church Growth
Every member of your congregation wants your church to grow. In this group of lessons we will review the basics of church growth principles along with practical ideas to help churches grow according to God's Word.
Church Life
The lessons contained in this section touch on conflict resolution, stewardship, basic doctrine and benevolence, topics that every church can find useful regardless of size or maturity.
If you're in need of a spiritual pick-me-up or just want to feel strong in your faith, this group of lessons will provide insights and examples to help the struggling saint persevere in faith, hope and love.
Mike presents lessons that demonstrate the relationship between faith and personal as well as corporate church growth.
General Topics
A variety of sermons dealing with many different biblical issues.
Marriage and Family
The marriage and family series provides lessons that focuses on relationships building in marriage as well as the many issues that families must deal with in today's society.
Personal Spiritual Growth
These lessons provides various personal spiritual growth strategies as well as insights from God's Word that will help all Christians mature in their faith.
Social Issues
These sermons examine current events and every day topics from a Christian perspective.
The Gospel / Jesus
These lessons are especially focused on Jesus as our Savior, the actual message of the Gospel, and the need to proclaim the Good News to the world.
In this series of sermons, Mike explores the exercise of worship in order to highlight its purpose (honoring God) and its result (edifying the worshipper).