Personal Spiritual Growth

These lessons provides various personal spiritual growth strategies as well as insights from God's Word that will help all Christians mature in their faith.
93 sermons
The New You
In I Corinthians 6 Paul talks about a radical change that is possible and permanent and describes the three steps that lead to this new you.
I Corinthians 6:9-11
Salted Speech
Being effective in sharing our faith requires that we salt all our speech with grace, not just know the facts about religion.
I Thessalonians 2:1-12
The Disciple and Service
In this lesson, we learn the basic requirements for becoming and persevering as disciples of Christ.
Matthew 20:28
When I review the qualities in men who are fathers, the one that I find most appealing and helpful for the well-being of the family is a man's ability and willingness to be a servant-leader.
Heart Beat Away
The Good Steward
The Single Priority
What Will it Take
Wholesome Sexuality
What does the Bible say about Sex?
The Consequences of our Choices
What we choose in life often indicates where we are at in our development and what we really want.
The Matrix Conspiracy
There is new technology, new gadgets, new ideas about how things work. But as far as the human condition is concerned; as far as what mankind's essential responsibility is; as far as what is truth and the reality of life, death and what comes after --- there really is nothing new here on earth --- under the sun.
Drawing Near to God
Part 2
As Christians we have many challenges before us. Prayer and fasting is the best way we can present these before God.
James 4:8-10
Drawing Near to God
Part 1
If you are making an effort to come closer to God, if you are investing your energies into becoming a holier person, you will not have the interest or energy to fight with your brothers or sister in the church.
James 4:8-10
Setting our Spiritual Goals
This lesson looks at the goals that the church, which meets inside the building, should have.
Spiritual Emergencies
Sometimes in our lives, we face spiritual emergencies and I think we need to learn to prepare for these events as well, because everyone at one time or another will .. face a "spiritual" emergency of some kind.
II Samuel 12:7-25
To Proclaim and Serve
Feelin' Fine in 99
Soul Saving Speech
I Thessalonians 2:1-12
Repentance is a Revolution
Bible Basics
Acts 2:38
Summer Sun or Son
Celebrating the "Giving" in Thanksgiving
Mike explains why giving is the essential ingredient in thanksgiving.
Freedom Through Dependance
In God We Trust
If we're going to trust anything, then we need to trust in God.
Christian Lite or Light?
Matthew 5:14-16