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Before You Leave for Heaven
God Bless You - Mike and Family
God Has Planned Something Better for Us
This is the first class in a series of lessons on living a full life in Christ. And Barry has organized this series of classes, titles, so on and so forth. And we're going to have many of our elders teaching...
Hebrews 11
In Case of War
If we understand the times and circumstances correctly, the time for war has come upon us and as Christians we need to be prepared for this fact.
Judge for Yourself
One month after my 16th birthday my father died. He was 53 years old. It was two o'clock in the morning and my mother woke me up saying that she thought my dad was really sick.
Acts 4:19-20
Money Matters - Part 1
Money Matters - Part 2
My Most Dangerous Sermon
This sermon looks at the reasons why the "money" sermon is dangerous for the preacher to preach but so necessary for the church to hear.
Presidential Privilege
Sure or Unsure?
Ten Reasons Not to go to Montreal
The 5 Chairs
When I was a child, we used to play a game called musical chairs. For those of you who have forgotten, or maybe never played this game, you set up a circle of chairs and start the music. The kids would...
Hebrews 9:27-28
The Chosen Wives
The Deacon of Blame
I've often said that the church should appoint a deacon in charge of blame - the deacon of blame. That way when anything ever goes wrong, or something doesn't get done, this deacon's only job would be to accept the blame for it.
The Death of a Pope
As you all know Jean Paul II has died at the age of 84. He is the spiritual leader and head of the Roman Catholic Church. It is said that there will be over 1 million people that will visit his body in Rome. The world and especially Catholics see this as an important and historic event, but how are we, as New Testament Christians, to react to the death of this Pope?
The Missing Ingredient
We need to listen carefully so we can make sure we have the right recipe for our own hope of eternal life as well.
Mark 10:17-22
What Would We be Doing
What Yoke are You Wearing?
Matthew 11:25-30
Why 2K?
Why We Struggle