Spiritual Things
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24. Raising Christian Kids
It seems that older people are the ones who are interested in religion and younger ones have little time for spiritual things.
49. Living on the Brink of Hope
Prayer and Fasting
The spiritual use, benefits, and practice of the combined spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting are examined within a biblical context.
Celebrating the "Giving" in Thanksgiving
Mike explains why giving is the essential ingredient in thanksgiving.
How to Avoid Materialism
Materialism is a very subtle attack against our faith, against our soul. It creeps into your life because we have to deal every day with material. In this lesson, we will look at ways to beat it.
3. How to Grow A Preacher
One of the greatest struggles that some men have is to decide if they're going to go into ministry. This lesson provides direction for those who desire this calling.
Setting our Spiritual Goals
This lesson looks at the goals that the church, which meets inside the building, should have.
Drawing Near to God
Part 1
If you are making an effort to come closer to God, if you are investing your energies into becoming a holier person, you will not have the interest or energy to fight with your brothers or sister in the church.
James 4:8-10
Best of Both Worlds
Why I Am Happy
12. Bringing Your Friend to Christ
I have noticed something about our teens lately that is quite encouraging: they are not ashamed of us.
Mike reviews two different types of materialism and how we are to deal with it.
1. Cords of Love
Book of Ruth
The book of Ruth teaches us the five basic elements that produce strong, satisfying and long lasting relationships.