CROSS (88)

Carrying the Cross of Jesus Christ
The Cross has always been a powerful reminder of the suffering of Jesus Christ. It has also been a reference point for things Christians must suffer to serve the Lord. In this lesson we will look at how 'Carrying the Cross' demonstrates the way we respond to hardships and suffering.
Loss of the Cross
As many of you already know, the courts have ordered the city of Edmond to remove the cross symbol from their city seal. This action, in a town where the church is quite numerous, should teach us a few important lessons for the future.
Roadside Shrines
The cross and the plastic flowers along the side of the highway usually appear unexpectedly. You're rounding a curve or cruising along and suddenly someone's marked a spot where a life tragically ended in some terrible crash that is all but forgotten save for this roadside shrine.
Living on Less
Cross-country moves sure have a way of getting certain things into perspective. Take creature comfort for example. By the last days before we left Oklahoma, every lamp, comfortable chair, toothbrush holder and coffee cup had been packed away.
The Real Enemy
The new millennium has reminded us of the many ways we are vulnerable. It began with the New Year's Eve meltdown scare in 2000 and has continued with successive onslaughts like the 9/11 attack, financial scandals, a wave of child abductions across the country, and an imminent war with Iraq. Each one of these reminds us that our nation, our wealth, even our children are not safe in their own beds!
Twister Religion
The recent storms that spawned at least a dozen tornadoes across the state of Oklahoma in the U.S. also sparked a spike in some peoples' faith.
What Now?
The question of the week has been "What should the President do now?" As most of you know, there's been no shortage of speculation about this issue from the "Beltway" in Washington to kitchen tables across the land. Of course, this is an impossible question for anyone to answer because only on man can make the decision and that is Mr. Clinton, himself.