Isaiah for Beginners

In this study, Mike will provide a comprehensive introduction to Isaiah explaining the structure, style and various themes Isaiah addresses as well as several lessons developed from key passages in Isaiah's book.

The Life and Times of Isaiah
In this first lesson, Mike will give a brief introduction of Isaiah himself and how his book was written.
Structures and Features
This lesson begins a three-part series outlining how Isaiah actually arranged the material in his book.
Structures and Features
This lesson continues to examine the third and fourth major topics addressed in Isaiah's writings, the Holy One of Israel, and the faith response of the Jewish people.
Structures and Features
In this lesson, Mike will review the fifth of the five strands Isaiah uses to frame his prophecies, the special literacy and structural features of his prophetic utterances.
When Good Becomes Evil and Evil Becomes Good
America's acceptance of same-sex marriage reflects the confused moral stance that existed in the days of Isaiah when the prophet charged the nation with usurping God's moral order.
Here Am I, Send Me
Mike uses Isaiah's call into ministry to provide direction and encouragement for the men and women that are being called into the various ministries that a congregation needs.
Christmas Before Christ
In the Old Testament, there was great joy among those who read and believed the prophecies concerning what we today refer to as Christmas. The happiness caused by this event was felt long before the actual birth of Christ became a reality.
The Suffering Servant
Isaiah's most dynamic and accurate portrait of Jesus the Messiah as Israel's Suffering Servant.
The True Fast
In this lesson, Isaiah reveals the nature of the kind of fast required by God that goes beyond the simple denial of food or drink for a time.