Day #52

The book of Revelation is one single revelation but what is it revealing?
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Revelation does not have an "s" on the end of it. There is no book in the Bible called Revelations. Many people mispronounce it. If you have been mispronouncing it, I hope you will change and start pronouncing it Revelation. The reason that is important is because you're not reading multiple revelations. This whole book is one single revelation. So the question you need to answer is, "what is it revealing?"


You will never guess what your reading is for today. Go ahead. Try to guess. Can't figure it out, can you? Oh, all right. I'll tell you. It's Revelation 18-22. What? You already knew that? No way!


In the end, Satan and anyone who follows Satan's example will be punished for their evil. In the end, even though you may suffer persecutions and hardships on earth, you will receive an eternal reward.

The book of Revelation describes heaven, the eternal dwelling place of God, the place we will be after this life is over. As your last assignment in your notes, write down what you believe heaven will be like, based on scripture. What does heaven hold that you are most looking forward to?