Day #40

Do you know someone who is fun to be with until things don't go their way?
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Good morning! You have a special treat today. You will be reading that great book of joy, the book of Philippians. The words "joy" or "rejoice" are mentioned fourteen times in these four chapters. Ironically, Paul wrote these words while he was chained up in a Roman prison.


Our Brother Paul was able to maintain a positive outlook despite his circumstances. Please do your reading at this time.


Ever notice how people are in a bad mood whenever the weather is foul? Or do you know someone who is fun to be with until things don't go their way, and then look out? Circumstances do not have to dictate the way that you feel, especially now that you are a Christian. Do some research one of these days on what Roman prisons were like in the first century. Paul had every right to be in a lousy mood, but instead he was enthusiastic and joyful. This same joy can be yours if you will let your joy be determined by your relationship with God, and not by the things of this world.

"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain" (Philippians 1:21). Take the word "Christ" out of this verse and insert something else. "For to me, to live is [money] and to die is gain." That's not true, is it? If you are living for money, death is not a gain. Try the words, "family", "relationships", "pleasure" or anything else that people live for. If you are living for anything but Christ this morning, you are living a shallow life. But if you are living for Christ, even death is a gain. With that in mind is there anything you need to pray about this morning?