Day #15

It is so great to be a Christian. You wake up every morning knowing God loves you.
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It is so great to be a Christian. You wake up every morning knowing God loves you. Your conscience is clear, putting to death sins that once controlled your life. How wonderful to be in the Lord!


Enjoy your Bible study today as you read Luke 11-13.


Luke 12:34 is another one of those verses that you should keep in your heart all day long. There is so much truth in this verse. You can tell where people's hearts are by what they put their time and money into. Building treasure on earth is a poor investment compared to heavenly treasures. The things of this life are temporary. There is nothing wrong with saving for the lean years but build your true treasure in heaven.

We talked on Day Five about the importance of setting aside part of your income to put in the offering. This is a meaningful part of your walk with God. Put some thought into this. The offering should be the first item on your budget, the first check you write on payday. Base your giving on a percentage; that way your giving can increase as your income increases. Ten percent is easy to work with and a good place to start. That was what they gave in the Old Testament, but in the new covenant it is up to you to decide how much you want to give. Give what your faith is prompting you to give. Take a moment to write in your notes what your offering to the Lord is going to be. This is part of your worship to God.

Using the technique you learned on Day Seven, commit Luke 12:34 to memory. Follow all the steps and keep the card with you until you go to bed at night. This verse will help you keep your focus on spiritual matters throughout the day.