Day #13

Are you grateful for the way God has chosen you to be part of His divine plan?
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Yesterday you read the song of Mary as she rejoiced at being chosen by God. Zechariah also sang a song of joy for the part he was allowed to play in the coming of Jesus to this earth. Are you grateful for the way God has chosen you to be part of His divine plan? Why not take a moment to let Him know how you feel either through song or prayer. We do not have to wait until Sunday morning to sing to God.


As you read Luke 4-7 you will see for the third time how Jesus started His ministry. This time, from a different angle. Watch your Lord as He chooses twelve disciples and pours His life into them.


Jesus prepared for his ministry by fasting for forty days. Fasting is a period of denying food to your body. It is accompanied by prayer, and intensifies the seriousness of the matter being prayed about. Whenever you have a weighty matter you need to present before the Lord, you should consider fasting about it. Before you do, find a concordance and look up all the scriptures that deal with this subject. Talk it over with your Christian partner. Be sure you're ready physically before you try an extended fast.

Every time the Devil tempted Jesus, He answered him with a passage of scripture (Luke 4:1-13). The Bible is the best weapon you have for fighting off Satan. Read it. Commit to memory any verses that will help you make wise choices. Learn to love, respect and appreciate the Bible.