Day #10

Notice, as you are reading, the impact Jesus has on everyone He comes in contact with.
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For Day Ten please begin where you left off yesterday in Mark and read through chapter 12. Notice, as you are reading, the impact Jesus has on everyone He comes in contact with. Some hated Him. Some loved Him, but nobody was ever indifferent about Jesus. He was controversial. He was strong. He was tender. He was… Well, He was Jesus. There was no one like Him.


The rich young man reacted to Jesus in a surprising way. "What shall I do so that I may inherit eternal life?" (Mark 10:17). He asked the right question but did not receive the answer he was expecting. Jesus said he needed to keep all the commandments? "No problem," thought the rich man. He had been keeping them since he was a boy. "One thing you lack… sell all you possess and give to the poor" (Mark 10:21). Jesus rocked his world. Money was this man's god and Jesus knew it. The Master did not ask other followers to go sell all their possessions. Why did he ask this man to do it? Because he loved his money too much. How important is money to you? More important than God? Write down some thoughts on what you believe is the biblical attitude you should have toward money.

Hopefully you are getting with your discipling partner on a weekly basis and staying in touch. Share your notes together and talk about any passages you are having difficulty understanding. Whenever you find a passage you do not understand, write down the chapter and verse and what your question is. Your Christian partner may not have the answer, but together you can find out. You are still a babe in Christ. Regardless of how old you are chronologically you still have much to learn. Be humble and do not be afraid to have something explained for you.