Tomorrow's Sin

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It is always harder to give up tomorrow's sin. Today's challenge is, well, here today. We are facing it and have the resources and presence of mind to focus on it and overcome it if we want to. Today's temptation is felt, experienced, dealt with in real-time and the battle, even though fierce at times, is usually quite short, three seconds actually. This is the time it takes to decide if we give in or refuse to submit to temptation. The rest of the time is used up doing, covering up, rationalizing or regretting what we have done.

Tomorrow's sin is another matter. The idea of giving up tomorrow's sin is much more difficult because its pleasure and duration are usually exaggerated. We think that tomorrow's sin is impossible to overcome because the effort will be too great and we will not be able to bear the pain caused by the loss of the pleasure generated by our sin. Such is the insidious nature of sin that it can defeat us without even engaging us with direct contact.

Jesus provides the solution to tomorrow's sin. Only fight sin one day at a time! Leave tomorrow's sin and its battle for tomorrow.

So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries (sins). Today's trouble (sin) is enough for today.
- Matthew 6:34

For Christians, dealing with sin is a daily struggle. God promises to provide the resources to overcome today's temptations not today's and tomorrow's.

If we focus on today's sin then tomorrow's sin will not defeat us and we even have a better chance in winning today's battle.