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The Bible teaches us to honor our fathers and mothers. One way to do this is to live in such a way that they receive honor from what we say and do. I'd like to honor my own mother, Jane Rose Mazzalongo, by sharing three important lessons she has taught me.

1. Live One Day at a Time

My mother has had to work hard and face many calamities in her life but she has always been able to keep her balance through it all because she learned early that you can only live one day at a time. Tomorrow always holds the promise of new beginnings if you're willing to keep yourself within today and live tomorrow only when it comes.

2. There Are Only Two Ways to Go

My mother taught me the difference between good and evil. I wasn't allowed to blame my troubles on others or my environment. This helped me understand that what happened to me was usually a direct result of my good or bad choices in life.

3. If You Can't Say Something Good...

I have never heard my mother utter a disparaging remark about anyone. This is not to say that there weren't some relatives who may have deserved a dressing down, but mom would unfailingly find the good or make an excuse to cover the bad. She taught me that it was possible to deal with mean, unlovable people at times without allowing them to spoil your attitude.

These are not the only lessons I've learned from Jane Rose, but ones that reflect closely the things that Jesus taught about living and loving.

As the day to honor our mothers is celebrated, let's remember the things that they have taught us and thank them for these precious lessons on life. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
– Michel