Ten Ways To Become A Better Husband

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Recently the men who attended our "Married Men Support Group" were asked to suggest ways that men could improve as husbands. Below is a sampling of some ideas that were brought forth.

  1. Listen to her. Stop doing whatever else you may be doing and look at her and listen. Write things down if you have to for recall.
  2. Show leadership in your family and Christian household.
  3. Reassure her often that she's your first priority.
  4. Never make fun of her. Never!
  5. Pray for her and yourself. God will always take care of you both.
  6. Help her with housework & kids without being asked.
  7. Be patient when it comes to sexual intimacy.
  8. Talk to her. About anything. Especially if you can muster a feeling about some-thing and gather the courage to express it to her.
  9. Compliment her character, work, and looks on a regular basis.
  10. Take care of your health, hygiene, and attitude as a way of showing your ongoing love.

There were many more excellent suggestions but these give you an idea of the type of discussions these brethren engaged in during our meetings.

There was a suggestion that a "Married Woman Support Group" should be formed to give the sisters a chance to get together. Ladies…? See Mike for info.