Christian Doctrine

These lessons are studies on what the Bible actually teaches about God, the Church, morals, spiritual development and everyday issues faced by all Christians.
30 sermons
Biblical Baptism
Bible Basics
Peter said to them, 'Repent, and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.'- Acts 2:38 This is a key verse...
Acts 2:38
Essentials of Salvation
Part 2
In part 1 of this sermon series, I talked about the essentials of salvation. Here are a few key ideas that summarize the lesson. First of all, I mentioned that the trend in religion today is to bring...
Acts 4:12
Essentials of Salvation
Part 1
People who are concerned with their souls don't want to risk losing salvation because of ignorance or neglect. They want to know what the essentials are.
Acts 4:12
Evangelism is Job #1
Foundations of our Faith
Grace - The Favor of God
Grace in Peter's Life and Writings
How to Correct Sinful Christians
I want you to raise your hands, all of those who have become Christians in the last two years. Raise your hands, raise them high. Okay, thanks. So we've got about more than a third of the people who are...
Multiplying Ministries
The Boston Church
Prayer and Fasting
The spiritual use, benefits, and practice of the combined spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting are examined within a biblical context.
Tongues Today - #1
It seems that every generation is fascinated by the phenomenon of tongue-speaking. And not only is every generation fascinated by this thing called tongue-speaking, we wonder if we can do it today? I...
Tongues Today - #2
Why Does the Church of Christ Sing?
This lesson will review the biblical foundation and historical record that establish vocal singing as the Spirit ordained manner of musical praise in public worship.
Why Jesus Had to Resurrect
In the Church of Christ we have no "special" services for religious holidays like Easter but the fact that Easter Sunday is celebrated by many seems to motivate people to make an extra effort to be at church service at this time.
Why Some Won't Make It