She won us over in a minute. We staggered into the truck stop after an 800 mile drive. We were hungry, tired, and in no mood for polite talk. Our waitress had her own problems, having to cover two separate seating sections since she was obviously the only server on the floor. This did not defeat her good humor and attentiveness however.

A quick delivery of our coffee and a knowing look that understood what point we were at on this seemingly endless day revived us somehow. As the food arrived she continued to cheer us with simple things; her smile, small talk with our son, and some motherly advice to, "take your time with the meal," renewed our will to drive the final 100 miles to the hotel.

We offered a brief prayer of thanks before eating but there was no question who was spiritually superior this day. Our waitress showed us how to truly "witness" without seeming pious. I knew that my grateful & large tip was outweighed by her innate ability to channel God's love while carrying trays at the Flying "J."