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Unlimited Growth

A New Testament Pattern for Church Organization and Growth

All churches want growth but never know how to produce it. The Unlimited Growth series sets forth a step by step approach to generating church growth which is biblically-based and easily implemented in any congregation regardless of size, age or location.
6 episodes

A kick-off discussion session where participants share their thoughts on what is necessary to promote church growth.
The basis for growth is faithfulness. This lesson reviews the Restoration principles that first led to the church's tremendous growth in the past.
This lesson argues for the idea that the New Testament has a specific plan for organizing and growing a local congregation.
An in-depth study of Acts chapter 2 where Luke clearly explains the Biblical ministry system and how ministry and growth are interrelated.
The "nuts and bolts" of how to implement the Biblical plan for church organization and growth.
A review of C.A. Schwartz's book "Natural Church Development" and its application to the New Testament ministry system being studied from Acts chapter 2 in this seminar.