The King and His Kingdom

Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew

Each gospel writer presents Jesus from different perspectives. Matthew focuses on the royal nature of the Lord and how He established His Kingdom here on earth. Our course will examine Jesus as King and the nature of His Kingdom.

12 episodes

Each gospel writer viewed Jesus from his own perspective and each writes about Him with a particular audience and objective in mind. This series of lessons examine Matthew's gospel and his presentation of Jesus as a King. The first lesson sees Matthew developing this idea by describing a royal birth.
Matthew continues his portrayal of Jesus as King with the description of Jesus' encounter with the Prince of darkness in the desert.
In this lesson on the Beatitudes, we will note the differences between the imputed righteousness of Christians in the Kingdom and those who seek to be right by upholding the "law."
In this study, we will examine how Matthew describes the incredible pace and impact of Jesus' ministry in establishing His kingdom.
In this lesson, we begin to see the "push back" from the Jewish religious leaders in response to Jesus' popularity and effectiveness in establishing His kingdom through His teaching and miracles.
Jesus used parables as a mainstay of His teaching. This lesson looks at the definition, use and meaning of parables used by the Lord and recorded by Matthew.
This lesson will examine the many acts of simple kindness done by Jesus as He established His kingdom.
As the time for His suffering and death draws near Jesus prepares His disciples for His departure by establishing His true identity with them.
In this lesson, Matthew recounts the story of a young man who typifies the greatest loss to the kingdom.
Matthew describes the scene as Jesus enters the holy city where He will suffer a series of challenges and rejections culminating in His crucifixion.
Chapters 24 and 25 of Matthew contain 3 views that Jesus uses to describe the destruction of Jerusalem, the second coming, and the cycle of devolution present in the world since Adam's sin.
This final lesson reviews the main events in Jesus' last days on earth.