The Spirit and the Cross

The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Process of Salvation

The twin goals of this series are to first explain the history and evidence of the triune nature of God in the Bible, and carefully trace the specific role of the Holy Spirit in the plan of salvation as this is revealed in both the Old and New Testament.

8 episodes

In this lesson Mike examines the early passages of Genesis that clearly reveal initial evidence of God's nature or what is often referred to as the Trinity.
This lesson will focus on the various Scriptures that define the particulars of God's complex character and demonstrate the unique presence of the Holy Spirit in the Godhead.
In this lesson Mike will explain the various ways that the Godhead is manifested.
This lesson demonstrates the role played by the Holy Spirit in executing God the Father's #1 goal in sending Jesus to die on the cross for the sins of all humanity.
In this lesson Mike discusses the various ideas down through history that various teachers have had concerning the meaning of atonement as well as the one vital work of the Holy Spirit in the plan of salvation.
In this lesson Mike expands the meaning and method used by the Holy Spirit to raise up the cross of Christ externally.
In this lesson Mike explains the purpose of miracles and the necessary element that authenticates legitimate miracle workers.
In this wrap-up lesson Mike discusses the terms used to describe various features of the Holy Spirit's ministry, what they mean and how they apply to believers.