Reaching New Levels of Faith

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Strong faith. What difference would rock solid faith make in your life? Would you be willing to put some effort into developing stronger faith? This course will teach you what strong faith is and how to reach it using the Bible as your guide. You will learn not only how to enrich your faith but also how to develop stronger faith in others.
16 Episodes

This first lesson explores six good reasons why you should want to work on having stronger faith.
In this lesson we'll examine how the Bible defines faith.
This study explains the five basic stages we go through on our faith journey. Five levels of faith with biblical examples for each.
This class shows how to guide a child or an adult with very little understanding, to a stronger walk with the Lord.
Jesus could see into people's hearts and know what degree of faith each had. We have to rely on peripheral signs to determine where another disciple is in their walk with God. In this class we are going to learn the external indicators of Affiliating Faith.
If you have Affiliating Faith and want to mature to Searching Faith this class is for you.
In this study we will learn the four basic struggles of Searching Faith.
In this session we will be learning about how the faith of Peter grew during his years with Jesus. If you observe closely, you may find that you and Simon Peter have a great deal in common.
Job is a diagram of the anatomy of the Practical Struggle. A clear path is laid out showing the way closer to that deep relationship with God which we long for. This class answers the question, "Is it practical to be a follower of God?"
Solidifying Faith is where you piece together the answers to the questions you have been searching out. In a sense you will always be searching and learning new things but you also need to go through the process of solidifying the truths you're learning.
This study exposes the up and down faith pattern of biblical characters and how we can smooth out the bumps that naturally appear in a life of faith.
Despite his weak moments, Abraham was a man of exemplary faith. This class will explore this person, chosen by God to receive His blessing and what set him apart from all the rest.
God wants our mustard seed faith to grow into fully developed trees (Matthew 17:14-20). Would a loving God demand of us something which is impossible to attain? This class addresses the issue of whether Mature Faith is attainable for Christians today.
Curtis reviews six scriptures to study that will illuminate our path toward Mature Faith.
This class is a scouting report on our arch enemy, Satan, and his scheme to convince you that something or someone else is more important than your relationship with the Christ.
This final class is the summary of our entire series because in the end, this is what it boils down to, "Do I trust God?"